Monday, March 02, 2015
Royal Dutch Shell keeps its hold on #1 Ranking
3/8/2010 3:04:25 PM

The latest Energy & Environmental Patent Scorecard™ was released today and has ranked 87 of the top Energy & Environmental companies according to the relative strengths of their patent portfolios as measured by Technology Strength™. The Patent Scorecard™ provides an overall assessment of a company’s recent intellectual property quality and quantity at a broad industry level. The Patent Board tracks seventeen industry scorecards and also creates customized scorecards that provide insight with leading performance indicators for an entire portfolio and its closest competitors, scalable at the technology or business unit level.

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Royal Dutch Shell (The Hague, The Netherlands) maintains the top position on this week’s Energy & Environmental Patent Scorecard™ with an 11% increase in Technology Strength™. Shell has the highest Industry Impact™ score among all Energy & Environmental companies and even shows a 19% increase in impact, bringing its score above to almost ten times the industry average. However, 91% of Shell’s impact score is due to internal patterns of citations. Shell also has the highest Science Strength™ in the industry which increased another 20% for the quarter. This indicates Shell’s close connection to core scientific research.

The next three companies also maintain their positions from the last Patent Scorecard™. Halliburton Co. (Houston, Texas, USA), Schlumberger Ltd (Houston, Texas, USA) and Baker Hughes (Houston, Texas, USA) keep their respective places at 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  Halliburton had a 5.2% increase in patent count for the quarter, just off the industry average of 5.9%. The company also increased its Industry Impact™ by 6%, which is now almost four times the industry average. Like Shell, Halliburton has a high internal citation pattern of 83%. Science Strength™ was also up almost 21% for the quarter. Schlumberger had increases in almost every indicator. Patent count was up over 10%, Science Strength™ increased by almost 13%, and the company has the lowest Innovation Cycle Time™, which improved another 3%. Baker Hughes had an almost 18% increase in patent count, a 61% increase in Science Strength™, and a 47% improvement in Research Intensity.



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