Wednesday, March 04, 2015
Advisory Services

Leveraging the world class proprietary analytic foundation, data, tools, and patent metrics The Patent Board's Advisors and Analysts help today's executives extract the most shareholder value from IP investments.

To address today's challenging IP strategic issues we find it is critical to baseline your position by understanding:
  • what your critical assets are and where in the organization they reside;
  • how favorably the marketplace views the intellectual property; and;
  • who would place the greatest value on the intellectual property and where the most leverage would be gained.
To address these challenging strategic patent-related issues, we offer the following solutions:

Technology Landscape Analysis

Thumb: Technology Landscape Analysis In rapidly evolving, IP-rich industries, it is essential to thoroughly understand your patent portfolios relationship, leverage, and potential to the most relevant patents and applications in the space. The Patent Board provides patent level insight into value and strategic fit in relation to known and emerging competitors. Gaps, "hot spots" and other differentiating emerging technologies are identified within the landscape.

Portfolio Assessment

Thumb: Portfolio Assesment In order to maximize value creation potential it essential to have an objective view your patent holdings, position, and value. The Patent Board segments and qualitatively assesses patent portfolios to provide an actionable foundation to structure licensing and commercialization efforts. IP strategy alignment with broader corporate business strategy is a related outcome of a portfolio assessment.

M&A Due Diligence

Thumb: M&A Due Diligence Ensuring patent and technology "fit" and financial value within any deal is challenging when considering intangible assets. The Patent Board has assisted Investments Banks, corporate development teams, in-house IP counsels and commercialization groups on either side of a deal. Our patent quality profiles add clarity and an essential objective perspective.

Custom Solutions

Thumb: Custom Solutions The Patent Board aligns patent-based IP Strategy with Business Strategy. Acknowledging that each situation has its own complexity, we also offer Custom Solutions to address specific patent-related issues. Custom engagements regularly incorporate Custom Data Solutions (like quarterly data refreshes) and any of the following tasks;

  • Assessment of the IP Organization structure
  • Evaluation and level of R&D coordination (e.g., through The Patent Board's proprietary BrainMaps™ tool)
  • Portfolio Assessment for potential divestiture or patent maintenance decisions
  • Competitive benchmarking of the innovation and invention & disclosure processes
  • Measurement of the Return on IP investments (ROIP™)
  • Alignment of IP and overall business strategies

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