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The Patent Board tracks and analyzes innovation, movement, and the business value of patent assets across every industry globally.

The essential elements for reliable methods of valuing patent-based intellectual property are; a comprehensive database of patents, financial data, and scientific metrics. All must be searchable by type and content. These essentials provide an objective analytic platform to assess current value and the potential for future revenues using mathematically based tools and a correlated set of metrics. The most important attribute is the presence of a set of metrics that correlate patent content with actionable strategies, such as mapping successful products and revenue to patents.

The Patent Board’s analytic platform is such a system consisting of accurate, timely and tailored databases enhanced by standard metrics and analytic tools. It is optimized for both corporate and investment communities. The Patent Board's analytic platform allows our colleagues, clients, and members to gain valuable insight and optimize patent-based IP strategies.

Our analysts utilize this platform to create reports on timely issues facing the intellectual property and investment communities. These include:

  • Issue Briefs
    Supported by The Patent Board’s metrics and analytics, these short timely articles highlight Intellectual Property issues of the day.
  • Perspectives
    In depth Investment and Industry points of view into topics that change the face of an industry or the IP landscape like M&A activity, industry trends, or legislation.
  • Innovation Spotlights
    The Patent Board’s expert views into the changing business landscape due to the emergence of patent-base IP as an asset.

Analysis Platform
The Patent Board cultivates the most accurate patent database. Its 3.5 terabytes of patent data include weekly updates of all patent grants and application data from the USPTO and EPO. To maintain accuracy within the platform The Patent Board applies proprietary name normalization, company unification, and adjustments for all restatement, merger and acquisition activity. These ongoing efforts and commitment to excellence provide the foundation to The Patent Board's current and future memberships, partnerships and offerings.

Significant Research
In addition to the publicly available Scorecards and discrete member engagements, The Patent Board participates in significant research studies on an ongoing basis. The following recent examples are the copyrighted work of the research partner.
Logo: National Science Foundation National Science Foundation
U.S. Science and Engineering Indicators 2014
Science and Engineering Indicators (SEI) is first and foremost a volume of record comprising the major high quality quantitative data on the U.S. and international science and engineering enterprise. For more information, to view the report or request a CD copy of the study, visit
Logo: The Milken Institute   Milken Institute
Mind to Market: A Global Analysis of University Biotechnology Transfer and Commercialization
Research and innovation are increasingly shifting away from the corporate lab and back to where they began: the university campus. And as the global economy grows increasingly dependent on the generation and dissemination of knowledge, universities are seen as natural partners for both business and government. The Patent Board’s patent quality metrics factored significantly into the report. For more information, to view the Executive Summary, or to purchase the report, visit

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