Wednesday, March 04, 2015
Alternative Energy & Green Technologies
Patent Filters
In response to a request from The National Science Board to monitor innovative activity in sustainable energy, the National Science Foundation (NSF) contacted The Patent Board for help in creating patent indicators reflecting such activity. The first step in this process was to identify the patents related to sustainable energy.
Capturing a patent landscape (i.e. all patents in a particular technology) usually requires developing what we call a filter. A filter is a set of queries executed in patent search software to select patents meeting the search criteria. A filter can be as simple as a set of patent classification codes, a more complex set of terms searched for in different sections of a patent document, or a combination of the two. The Patent Board has 25 years of experience in creating patent filters.
The Alternative Energy & Related Technologies filter created for NSF divided the area into nine subareas of Alternative Energy, seven subareas of Energy Storage, seven subareas of Pollution Mitigation, and five subareas of Smart Grid. It took many months of repeatedly trying out various combinations of keywords and classes and examining samples of the patents captured when applying the filters, before settling on a final filter definition for each of the 28 subareas.
A complete report to NSF  provides the details of this patent filter development and is available to the public. In addition, the actual search criteria  for each of the 28 subareas of Alternative Energy & Green Technologies is available for your own use in research studies. If applying the filters in your analyses is beyond your expertise, you require adjustments made to the filters to meet your specific needs, or you would like us to incorporate our indicators and Corporate Tree unification into a custom project, please Contact Us  to discuss.


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