Thursday, March 05, 2015
Our Offerings Minimize

The proprietary database of patent unification and associated analytics provides us with an unparalleled ability to accurately identify individual patents and/or patent portfolios by virtually any view—company, entity, technology, geography, inventor, or assignee.  This is combined with the analytics which allows us to accurately rank the quality and value of patent portfolios as well as determine which patents are contributing to a patent portfolio’s value.

The Patent Board has three primary offerings.  They are:  

  • Intellectual Property Research and Analytics:  The Patent Board utilizes proprietary data and analytics to accurately assess the quality of individual patents and patent portfolios.
  • Government Consulting and Analytics:  The Patent Board has for over 40 years produced the NSF Science and Engineering Indicators that are used by the US government and researchers at home and abroad to assess the quality, collaboration characteristics of scientific research and technology of scientific research and technology. 

  • Investment Research Analytics:  The Patent Board has developed a research deliverable for trading organizations.  The research report is incorporated into a product currently marketed and sold by Markit, a London-based organization that sells investment research to over 3000 customers worldwide.



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