Friday, March 06, 2015
Intellectual Property Research and Analytics Minimize

We know that managing IP is a challenging strategic imperative for today’s IP professionals.  Our deep and diverse business, technical, and patent-related experience, combined with the world-renowned proprietary data and analytics, will enable your team to address the most critical and urgent IP challenges.  Our goal is to empower you to maximize you IP strategy and management for financial success.  The Patent Board’s services provide actionable insight and solutions to directly impact corporate performance.

                Competitive Analysis:   In rapidly evolving, IP-rich industries, it is essential to thoroughly understand your patent portfolios relationship other patenting entities, leverage and potential to those most relevant patents and published applications in the space.  The Patent Board provides patent level insight into the value and strategic fit in relation to known and emerging competitors, gaps, ‘hot spots’, and other differentiating emerging technologies are identified within the IP landscape.

                Crown Jewel Identification and Analysis:  This analytic method is a custom technique that leverages 12 bibliometric measures to identify high quality patent assets for a specific technology area within a company’s patent portfolio, as well as chosen competitors.  High quality patents score well in numerous attributes and display fewer unfavorable attributes.  This also identifies low quality patents that can be reviewed for maintenance decisions as a cost reduction exercise.

                Influence Analysis:  The influence analysis is a study of the forward citations of a patent or patent portfolio to determine which patents, jurisdictions, technologies, and entities are affected by the original patent set.  This is useful for your own portfolio, but can also provide insight to the relative patent position of your competitors.  This analysis reveals potential opportunities to monetize your portfolio by identifying companies that may need to license your patents or provide a list of candidates if you are interested selling all or a portion of your patent portfolio.  Additionally, it can uncover a new market to approach or additional customers in an existing supply chain.  It can also identify future partnership opportunities as well as potential M&A opportunities. 

                Custom Data Solutions—For more than 40 years, the Patent Board has maintained the world’s most accurate patent database.  Our experienced data collections and fusion group monitors changes in corporate structure using a number of sources to preserve the corporate ownership tree.  Only the Patent Board has the years of staff experience, expertise, and historical data reflecting changes in corporate structure.  This highly accurate, proprietary resource is available only to Patent Board analysts.  From an accuracy standpoint the analytic foundation of the Patent Board’s patent data repository leads the industry with proprietary name, normalization, company unification, and adjustments for restatements, merger, and acquisition activity.  From a flexibility standpoint the application of proprietary patent and non-patent related references meta data, the fusion of financial and economic data, and the Patent Board’s analytics, provide near limitless options to view and manage patent portfolios.  The database includes weekly updates of all patent grants and application data from the USPTO and the EPO. 




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