Saturday, February 28, 2015
Government Consulting and Analytics Minimize

The Patent Board has worked for many years and for many clients, public and private, in the field of scientific publication analysis.  Virtually, all such indicators of research and innovation appearing in the NSF biennial Science and Engineering Indicators reports have been provided by the Patent Board since 1972 to the most recent release. 

The Science and Engineering Indicators series was designed to provide a broad base of quantitative information about US science, engineering and technology for use by policymakers, researchers, private enterprise and the general public.  The report contains analyses of key aspects scope, quality and vitality of the Nation’s science and engineering enterprise in comparison to global science and engineering. 

Developing Analytics for the NSF in support of Clean Energy

The Patent Board has recently completed the development of a complex keyword and technology class filter for the NSF, in order to group patents into a taxonomy of clean energy and related technologies for analysis.  For a more detailed description click here. 


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