Friday, February 27, 2015
Topics The Patent Board is asked to research Minimize

1.       Merger and Acquisition

a.       Focused Acquisition Target Identification

b.      Acquisition Due Diligence

c.       Integration Planning

2.       Legal

a.       Litigation Support

b.      Patent Defense Support

c.       Scientific Knowledge Defense Support

3.       Competitive Intelligence and Strategy

a.       Emerging Technologies Identification

b.      Emerging Companies Identification

c.       Strategy Development

d.      Intellectual Property Theft Analysis

4.       Research and Development

a.       Emerging Technologies Identification

                                                               i.      Patents

                                                             ii.      Patent Applications

                                                            iii.      Scientific Literature

b.      Make Versus Buy Decsions

c.       White Space Identification

5.       Product Development

a.       Product Development Strategy Support

b.      Potential Technology Partner and Supplier Identification

c.       Freedom to Operate Analysis

6.       Intellectual Asset Management

a.       Patent Procurement Assessment

b.      Management Indicators

c.       Value of the Estate Analyses

7.       Licensing

a.       Partnership Identification

b.      Clear Understanding of Patent and Patent Application Ownership

8.       Equity Trading Research

a.       Intellectual Property Development

b.      Emerging and Receding Intellectual Property Players

c.       Pacing Technology Intellectual Property Development and Players



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